Tonal Language

Between 1993 and 1997, I began developing a Tonal Language which is intergalactically universal whether transmitted audially or telepathically. It encompasses a cerebral catalogue of arrangement; waveform shapes, quality, purity; precise layering and resulting new free waveform creations; organization of wave relationships and effects and thier infusion into known and unknown digital musical instument samplings.

My steps were consistantly mentored especially on the tecnhical end. And my unique artistic arrangements capability from age two was the ideal as models for sound development. I would work an average of 15 hours per day beacue the input for the next wave form and layered new forms and the next and the next kept coming regardless of hours.

I was in a small country apartment complex near Plymouth, New Hampshire at the time and people who work all day had trouble with my not doing what "normal" people do. But contrair, all creation would gather outside to hear what gives healing, bliss, vision, greatness, majesty and honor which the entire creation has waited so patiently for so very long to freely take as food for transformation.
Elderly women out power walking also heard the sounds with my music and had to come let us know how it had transformed them and lifted them from the gravity and pain of a still existing archaic system on earth and gave them a whole new vision about many things.

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